Disability Benefits Summary

Disability Benefits Provided by

Mutual of Omaha



Long Term Disability Benefits Paid by
Cambridge Christian School

Employer paid long term disability insurance pays you a portion of your earnings if you miss time at work because of an illness or injury. You are eligible if you are an active full time employee who works at least 30 hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis.

Coverage Amount: 60% of salary to $5,000/month

Waiting Period: 181 days

2 years own occupation

Duration of Benefits: To age 65 (Social Security Normal Retirement Age)

Voluntary Short Term Disability

Voluntary Short Term Disability coverage is paid 100% by employee.

Elimination Period: 15th Day of illness/disability

Weekly Benefit: 60% of before-tax weekly earnings

Maximum Benefit Period: 24 weeks

Maximum Weekly Benefit: $1,000


*This site provides a brief summary of your plans; it is not a contract. Please see insurance contracts (available from human resources) for complete details and limitations.